Monthly Archive: September 2007

Procrastination 0


Did I ever mention that I like to procrastinate? Not getting anything done, should be pretty great All it’s really doing is screwing yourself ahead in time if you could go back, you would...

I’ve Just Learned 0

I’ve Just Learned

ive just learned how to hurt your feet by stepping on ur toes i also know how to break your fingers by punching you in the nose

Stumble Upon 0

Stumble Upon

Stumble on this and stumble on that i stumbled half the net while in my office i sat some sites were really good while others really sucked but all in all i’m wasting time...

Nose Picking 1

Nose Picking

Nose picking has become something of an art It can be almost as embarrassing as a silent but deadly fart but for nose picking everyone can see you in clear light it was a...

Stress at Work 0

Stress at Work

when i get stressed i dont know how to cope i feel like i am drowning at my desk without any hope my heart pumps faster, my head starts to pound every little noise...

Your Mom 0

Your Mom

i love ur mom no not in that way i mean how she acts nice every day she makes great food serves watermelon without pits has a pleasant smile oh yea, and really nice...

Google Ad Sense 1

Google Ad Sense

Use Google Ad sense everyone says it puts ads on your page and it pays it crawls through your pages and only displays a relevant ad so why on my site are all the...

Alexa 0


I just want to let all you people know that i checked my stats on and my popularity is starting to show my poems are shining and i am told my wit shines...

You Want Me to Change 0

You Want Me to Change

you want me to change then so should you ill switch 2 things that i do ill pass the food and fill up on gas and u can wipe my mouth and kiss my…

Stick it to the Man 0

Stick it to the Man

stick it to the man demonstrate and picket if u cant stick it to the man i have somewhere you can stick it