Monthly Archive: January 2008

Life In The City 0

Life In The City

New York, they say is a hell of a town It smells like a urinal and everyone frowns People are in a rush to get nowhere Pushing people out of their way without a...

Wasted Time 0

Wasted Time

I’ve had some requests to repost some of my older popular posts. I will continue adding new content as well. How much time can a person waste? Sitting at a computer with a blank...

Mary Kate’s Fur 1

Mary Kate’s Fur

Note: a take on an article on US Weekly. Mary Kate Olsen can run around at home in the buff But in the streets she wears fur and all kinds of other stuff PETA...

Britney Doodle Went to Town 1

Britney Doodle Went to Town

Britney spears went to town, riding on her K-Fed She went nuts and he’s fed up and now he took her 2 kids She shaved her head and showed her crotch and paraded around...

American Tie 7

American Tie

Note: I was just thinking of the song American Pie and the following just came out in the last few minutes. Must be my constant thinking about one day being financially free and kicking...

Technorati 0


I just signed up for technorati if it helps, i will have to see to validate i have to place some code and i’ll see if it works somewhere down the road Technorati Profile

Get Lucky 0

Get Lucky

I’ve been juggling a couple blogs for the the past while The growth and encouragement has caused me to smile My second blog is nowhere close to sucky It helps people out when they...



Note: I wrote this when i was in college and just found it on an old hard drive. It is a song i wrote which i thought was worth sharing. If anyone can come...

Why Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow? 1

Why Do Today What You Can Do Tomorrow?

I sit at my desk thinking about what to write I need to post a blog because my time is tight i just stare at the screen and then up at the light I...

deja veux drunk and sober 0

deja veux drunk and sober

I once went out drinking with all the boys I drank so much that night I experienced all the noise I looked around the room and saw it go round It was quite a...