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My Tushy 0

My Tushy

my tushy smell like roses so does the toilet i poop in thats because your stupid dog keeps making in my garden

Dreams 3


when you wish upon a star your dreams just may come true when you wish upon a peanutbutter jar your dreams may just come chew when you wish upon a strip of tar your dreams turn into goo when you wish upon an adult bar you’ll have dreams ’till your seventy-two when you wish upon...

Valentine 2


Will you be my valentine i would really like it if you dont wanna be my valentine i dont give a …

Pick up the Phone 0

Pick up the Phone

pick up the phone and call us thats what the commercial sings so i tried to make the same commercial my phone still never rings

Headache 0


i have a headache, im just too tired this is what she always says i have more chance of getting action with the dispenser for my pez

I Sing 0

I Sing

I sing our country’s anthem I do it for our nation I also eat lots of bran I do that for constipation

Pay for Dinner 0

Pay for Dinner

so u want me to pay for dinner and u wont even touch my arm? and u want me to beg and cry for you doing my voicebox all this harm? u wont even touch me at all? but i still have to buy you more? now i understand the great demand in just getting...

In Your Eyes 0

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see many things like windows to the soul But until you remove the gunk from them its like looking in a different hole