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My Dream Job

I want a job and i want to work i want a paycheck and i want the perks i want a nice office and a cushy chair i want to give orders and decide what’s best I want to do research, development and test I want bonuses and lots of vacation I want to have...


Evolution of the letter: From Letters to Twitter

Dear Mr. So and So, i’m writing this letter to let you know that I have one little thing i need to ask but writing this letter is quite the task I have to break it up into paragraphs at best write an intro, a conclusion and fill in the rest because it would be...


Survival of the Fittest & Natural Selection

  Survival of the fittest and natural selection Did Darwin think it would take us in the right direction? With the smartest reproducing and the dumb dying out We’d be a civilization of geniuses without a doubt But all of a sudden we discover accurate birth control And with this little pill, Darwin’s theory has...

What a Difference 1

What a Difference

no grass or space or parking spots to fields of green and humongous lots from 1 bedroom in a cramped structure to 2 floors of space and no need to rupture the peace of mind that space brings in this new place, i feel like i have wings I spent 7 years in NY and...

What is a Penny Worth? 1

What is a Penny Worth?

Is a penny worth anything anymore? people don’t even bother to pick them up off the floor They’re not worth the effort or the “luck” because you need 100 of them just to get a buck stores barely use the penny and hate to accept it try paying in only pennies and they’ll throw a...

1and1 Messed Me Over 3

1and1 Messed Me Over

My site’s been down for a day or two 1and1 (my hosting provider) messed me over and I didn’t know what to do They lost my sites and I wanted to sue Because of the incompetence of their whole crew They promised to get me a backup of all I have done And within an...

Living in Fear 0

Living in Fear

The entire world is run on fear everyone always thinking that the end is near if not the end, trouble at least family, financial or some other beast we worry about what others think we’re so afraid they might watch us sink so we play it safe and do nothing at all for fear that...

The Solution to Gas Prices 1

The Solution to Gas Prices

Gas is so flippin’ expensive I can’s afford to drive I never thought it would reach this high, not while i was alive but the price is set, people pay and there’s nothing we can do except stop driving, buy fuel efficient cars and boycott the big boys too I got an email about not...

Make Some Noise 1

Make Some Noise

Out of sight, out of mind Sticking around is beneficial you will find it’s the squeeky wheel that gets the oil it’s the noisy customer who gets heard not one who’s loyal Always being around can be annoying it’s true but disapearing out of site just wont do Find a happy medium and you’ll be...

Happy Birthday Sucky Poems 1

Happy Birthday Sucky Poems

Sucky Poems has turned one year old and  is gaining popularity or so I’m told It’s an awesome feeling to see what i’ve done and believe it or not, i’m having a lot of fun. Here’s to one year and many more Just wait and find out what I’ve got in store.