Category: The Rich and Famous

poetry about the rich and famous we all love to hear about… kind of like us weekly in rhyme.


I had sex with Blake Lively thanks to Tim Ferriss

This poem is dedicated to Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) for his inspiration. Until last night I could just day dream about getting one of the women on my list whom I can sleep without causing problems with my girlfriend for messing around but the list is of celebs that can never be found until last night when...


Wardrobe Malfunction

This Sucky Poem is dedicated to Jessica @unabarber for suggesting a sucky poem about nipple slips. some top celebrity acrtress poses for pictures down the walk and every reporter watching wants to have her for a talk sometimes she acts politely and tells them all the news and sometimes even unwillingly, she exposes one of her boobs...


Survival of the Fittest & Natural Selection

  Survival of the fittest and natural selection Did Darwin think it would take us in the right direction? With the smartest reproducing and the dumb dying out We’d be a civilization of geniuses without a doubt But all of a sudden we discover accurate birth control And with this little pill, Darwin’s theory has...

Mary Kate’s Fur 1

Mary Kate’s Fur

Note: a take on an article on US Weekly. Mary Kate Olsen can run around at home in the buff But in the streets she wears fur and all kinds of other stuff PETA doesn’t like this, not one bit But like the master of the house, they “isn’t worth me spit”

Britney Doodle Went to Town 1

Britney Doodle Went to Town

Britney spears went to town, riding on her K-Fed She went nuts and he’s fed up and now he took her 2 kids She shaved her head and showed her crotch and paraded around town She lost her visitation rights and then shopped with a low-cut gown