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Building a startup is lots of fun because everyone thinks a business he can run but it turns out that a startup is like a roller coaster ride sometimes you’re on top of the world and others, you want to curl up and hide get yourself into the fetal position to be in your mommy’s...

Breaking Free 0

Breaking Free

My wife looked through a bunch of this site and said I was coming off as angry looking for something to bite I’m not really angry, annoyed possibly with a job and some clients that i have to please I’m ok though because i’m not stuck here for ever i’m going to move on and...

You Didn’t Do Anything For Us 0

You Didn’t Do Anything For Us

My client said “You didn’t do anything for us” and I want this month for free The client obviously doesnt care what I do and what he does to me For him, one little project takes forever because he makes so many revisions it’s such a terror Just when you think you are all done...

Pound My Boss 0

Pound My Boss

How much is your sanity really worth to you? If it means selling your soul and your free time too Money is great and makes the world go round but in my dreams, it’s my boss i do pound.

Work for the Devil or Babysit? 0

Work for the Devil or Babysit?

Would you rather work for the devil and have money to pay your bills or starve each day having a clean conscious and not having to pop pills? That’s the difference between working for my client or quiting hey, i might be able to make a living with a job babysitting.

Irrational Psychopath 0

Irrational Psychopath

I’m trying to figure out how to speak to an irrational psychopath without telling him where to go or to jump in  the bath He doesn’t understand how the world goes round but he blames everything on me because he likes his voice’s sound Well that’s what a client can do when he pays the...

This One Goes Out to the Job I loved 0

This One Goes Out to the Job I loved

This one goes out to the job I loved This one goes out to the job I left behind Now i’m stuck forever doing time This one goes out to the job I loved It’s amazing how much meaning something can have by changing a few simple words.  Have you ever  made the wrong career...

Making Money 1

Making Money

Making money makes me sick but really it’s the only thing that makes me tick I live for my paycheck, my bonus and raise i’ll pretty much do anything that pays Truth be told, i’d rather not work but then i’d be giving up all of my perks the car, the house, the kids and...

Summer Vacation 0

Summer Vacation

Who remembers a good old summer vacation Which now lies to rest in our imagination Of good times that we had and places we want to go Way back when, when the good times did flow Now we are stuck at a desk  at our occupation Making money just to dream about other parts of...

Dead End Job 0

Dead End Job

Have you ever been stuck in a dead end job? You work in a cubicle with a guy named Bob going over the same types of reports each day just dreaming of a chance to get away I’m not in that position, no siree My cubicle neighbor’s name is not Bob you see.