Sucky Poems

1and1 Messed Me Over 3

1and1 Messed Me Over

My site’s been down for a day or two 1and1 (my hosting provider) messed me over and I didn’t know what to do They lost my sites and I wanted to sue Because of the incompetence of their whole crew They promised to get me a backup of all I have done And within an...

Living in Fear 0

Living in Fear

The entire world is run on fear everyone always thinking that the end is near if not the end, trouble at least family, financial or some other beast we worry about what others think we’re so afraid they might watch us sink so we play it safe and do nothing at all for fear that...

The Solution to Gas Prices 1

The Solution to Gas Prices

Gas is so flippin’ expensive I can’s afford to drive I never thought it would reach this high, not while i was alive but the price is set, people pay and there’s nothing we can do except stop driving, buy fuel efficient cars and boycott the big boys too I got an email about not...

Make Some Noise 1

Make Some Noise

Out of sight, out of mind Sticking around is beneficial you will find it’s the squeeky wheel that gets the oil it’s the noisy customer who gets heard not one who’s loyal Always being around can be annoying it’s true but disapearing out of site just wont do Find a happy medium and you’ll be...

Happy Birthday Sucky Poems 1

Happy Birthday Sucky Poems

Sucky Poems has turned one year old and  is gaining popularity or so I’m told It’s an awesome feeling to see what i’ve done and believe it or not, i’m having a lot of fun. Here’s to one year and many more Just wait and find out what I’ve got in store.

Don’t Take Me Too Seriously 0

Don’t Take Me Too Seriously

I love my life and love to have fun I write sucky poems because I like it a ton Sometimes I write something that seems dark and cold don’t take it as a sign that i need  help, cuz i’ve been told I write poems of all sorts and types i change topics every once...

Breaking Free 0

Breaking Free

My wife looked through a bunch of this site and said I was coming off as angry looking for something to bite I’m not really angry, annoyed possibly with a job and some clients that i have to please I’m ok though because i’m not stuck here for ever i’m going to move on and...

You Didn’t Do Anything For Us 0

You Didn’t Do Anything For Us

My client said “You didn’t do anything for us” and I want this month for free The client obviously doesnt care what I do and what he does to me For him, one little project takes forever because he makes so many revisions it’s such a terror Just when you think you are all done...

Pound My Boss 0

Pound My Boss

How much is your sanity really worth to you? If it means selling your soul and your free time too Money is great and makes the world go round but in my dreams, it’s my boss i do pound.

Work for the Devil or Babysit? 0

Work for the Devil or Babysit?

Would you rather work for the devil and have money to pay your bills or starve each day having a clean conscious and not having to pop pills? That’s the difference between working for my client or quiting hey, i might be able to make a living with a job babysitting.