1and1 Messed Me Over

My site’s been down for a day or two

1and1 (my hosting provider) messed me over and I didn’t know what to do

They lost my sites and I wanted to sue

Because of the incompetence of their whole crew

They promised to get me a backup of all I have done

And within an hour or two everything will run

But they didn’t get back to me so I called again

I asked about my backups, they’ll be delivered when?

They put in the request for backups a few more times

But their effort wasn’t worth a bunch of dimes

After a day an email they finally sent

Saying unfortunately they couldn’t get my stuff, not even a dent

They said I should have called sooner because now it’s too late

 But I wasn’t going to let these fool determine my fate

Luckily I had backups of most of what I have done

and I restored all my settings no thanks to 1and1

Please stay with me and keep coming back

I’ve got tons of new sucky poems overflowing from my sack

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3 Responses

  1. A collection agency is calling me daily because I refuse to pay for what I consider fraudulent chargers. In my opinion, avoid 1and1 at all costs.

  2. Rob says:

    Dang, and I just signed up with 1&1, too. At least their indian support center has been helpful so far.

  3. warthpublishinginc says:

    I have been trying since July of 2008 to cancel my account with 1and1. Why, because they keep renewing domains I do not want renewed. Finally I get an email in December of 2008 that I would get no further invoices. This is after they renewed all the domains I did not want. I had to pay for all the domains because Capital One took their word over mine. Now comes March 2009 and they send me another 3 invoices and declare there is a balance on my account. Thankfully I cancelled all association with Capital One. Now yesterday I get an email saying it was a mistake. I wonder how long before another mistake
    I suspect that if I hadn’t cancelled my account they would not say it was another mistake.
    There is good reason why the Pennsylvania Better Business has given 1and1 their lowest rating: “F”
    Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau
    Mr. Thomas El tel@mybbb.org dc-easternpa.bbb.org info@mybbb.org
    1880 JFK Boulevard
    Suite 1330
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    215-985-9313 Fax 215-563-4907
    Pennsylvania Attorney General
    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Brianna M. Tetraul, Agent II
    South 12th Street, 3rd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-3603
    Federal Trade Commission
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington DC 20580
    202-326-2222 877-FTC-HELP http://www.ftc.gov
    Federal Bureau of investigation
    Internet Crime Division

    Warth Publishing Inc

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