Apple Products From the iPhone to the Macintosh

This poems is dedicated to Jessica @unabarber for suggesting a poem about iPhones.

I want to begin by saying i’m a big fan

of Apple because making great products they can

but I have a theory which ticks me off to no end

they keep discovering new technology they pretend

I dont believe it well, not completely

They created a bunch of advances and hid it discreetly

do you think they just happen to find a way

to double the memory on their products every other day?

they release their advances over time

to force their fans to spend their every last dime.

once you buy an iphone, it becomes obsolete

but the newer version will make your life complete

it’s faster and smarter and has more room for apps

and once it comes out, your current phone isn’t worth scraps

most companies work on technology and then work to improve

but if your look at apple, they’ve got too much of a groove

every 6 months with a major upgrade

blowing away investors forcasts, their not afraid

i think Apple creates their technology years in advance

and then works backwards to dumb it down at every chance

if that’s true, the iphone could be a decade or two old

it might have been in Job’s back pocket in 1984 as the Macintosh he did unfold.

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