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Poetry by the Fox from If you for some reason can’t get enough of this, check out his personal site. It’s the Shticka with Sicka.

People Can Be So Silly 0

People Can Be So Silly

People can be so silly Like my ole friend Billy Even with two hands behind his back can still give a wet willy

Dont Have a Buck 0

Dont Have a Buck

(The Fox Stole this one from me… It’s simple enough though, maybe sick minds think alike.) i dont have a buck i dont have much luck i dont have a truck but its fine…...

Lost Arms 0

Lost Arms

im sorry u lost your arms today im sure that really blows if someone angers u, u cant give him the finger ull have to use ur toes

Oh Homeo 0

Oh Homeo

Homeo Oh Homeo Where art thou oh Homeo I’m out with my boyz grabbin some toyz and stealin’ your car stereo

I’ve Got a Secret 0

I’ve Got a Secret

ive got a secret one i should really tell you look really good today but man o man u smell u should really take a shower, u really smell like poo sure enough i...

No Clue 1

No Clue

i had no clue since she looked so hot but i woke to realize a female she was not

I’ve Just Learned 0

I’ve Just Learned

ive just learned how to hurt your feet by stepping on ur toes i also know how to break your fingers by punching you in the nose

Your Mom 0

Your Mom

i love ur mom no not in that way i mean how she acts nice every day she makes great food serves watermelon without pits has a pleasant smile oh yea, and really nice...

You Want Me to Change 0

You Want Me to Change

you want me to change then so should you ill switch 2 things that i do ill pass the food and fill up on gas and u can wipe my mouth and kiss my…

Stick it to the Man 0

Stick it to the Man

stick it to the man demonstrate and picket if u cant stick it to the man i have somewhere you can stick it