Category: The Rich and Famous

poetry about the rich and famous we all love to hear about… kind of like us weekly in rhyme.


Wardrobe Malfunction

This Sucky Poem is dedicated to Jessica @unabarber for suggesting a sucky poem about nipple slips. some top celebrity acrtress poses for pictures down the walk and every reporter watching wants to have her for a...

Mary Kate’s Fur 1

Mary Kate’s Fur

Note: a take on an article on US Weekly. Mary Kate Olsen can run around at home in the buff But in the streets she wears fur and all kinds of other stuff PETA...

Britney Doodle Went to Town 1

Britney Doodle Went to Town

Britney spears went to town, riding on her K-Fed She went nuts and he’s fed up and now he took her 2 kids She shaved her head and showed her crotch and paraded around...