Dinosaurs in Birthday Hats

This Sucky Poem is dedicated to Kevin Muldoon @caoimghgin from New Haven for suggesting a sucky poem about dinosaurs in birthday hats. ┬áNot sure where he came up with that one but I don’t ask these questions.

We all know many dinosaurs from Barney and Denver to Dino

Palaeontologists even found the Futalognkosaurus Dukei which is thought to be Latino

Some dinosaurs sing, some dinosaurs dance and some compete with the prehistoric cat (Flinstones)

but what we want to see is a dinosaur in a birthday hat.

I can just imagine in prehistoric times

all the dinosaurs celebrating birthdays with ice cream and pies

the carnivorous ones would still each each other

and the herbivores would just cuddle up with their brother

I got the picture in my head, it’s as clear as that

But I just can’t get the image out of my head of a dinosaur in a birthday hat

We don’t have to worry about that stuff or the missing link

Those guys are goners, they’re all bloody extinct.

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