Don’t Take Me Too Seriously

I love my life and love to have fun

I write sucky poems because I like it a ton

Sometimes I write something that seems dark and cold

don’t take it as a sign that i need  help, cuz i’ve been told

I write poems of all sorts and types

i change topics every once in a while to make sure the content is all ripe

but screenplay writers don’t get scolded for writing a dark movie

people just watch it and tell them they’re groovy

Some of my poems come from real life motivation

Some might even be from real life frustration

but the most important thing is that they all rhyme

and with only a minute to write a poem, i run out of time

Most of all I write these poems for you

all of my readers who are looking for something to do

a little fun and humor in their long day

and if I write enough poems, maybe for a while they’ll stay

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