when you wish upon a star
your dreams just may come true
when you wish upon a peanutbutter jar
your dreams may just come chew
when you wish upon a strip of tar
your dreams turn into goo
when you wish upon an adult bar
you’ll have dreams ’till your seventy-two
when you wish upon a cigar
your dreams will go too soon
when you wish upon a not far star
you’re dreams will be the moon
when you wish, you’re getting far
gives you something to do
it’s the day that you stop wishing
you  lose the dream of you

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3 Responses

  1. Erina Hart says:

    I didn’t think your poem was sucky. I thought it was cute 🙂

  2. vera lynn says:

    your poem is nice, very cute. not the dramatic type but full of humor. i think you have a future in poetry!!! : )

  3. tita glo says:

    very nicing the poemses you has futuring in diz business street

    amm… yes. amm gud lucky you in writtening poemses amm that’s all

    but can we requesting you written poems in “love is a ugly game, practice by the pools”

    thanking you a lotz

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