Evolution of the letter: From Letters to Twitter

Dear Mr. So and So,

i’m writing this letter to let you know

that I have one little thing i need to ask

but writing this letter is quite the task

I have to break it up into paragraphs at best

write an intro, a conclusion and fill in the rest

because it would be rejected without proper form

for wasting a day writing this is quite the norm

It took so long to write the letter

and now we have email which is so much better

I can write things quickly without much thinking

and then send it off without ever blinking

I just have to keep certain accepted formalities

like starting off with “Hey”‘s and ending with “sincerely”‘s

I wonder how people ever got anything done

when they couldn’t send messages on the run.

But now people don’t have the patience to read or write an entire email

they skim through the first line and everything else is a “fail”

they send a one liner from their blackberry phone

with the “sent from my Blackberry” really important tone

Now ppl twt wht thy want 2 say 1 bite sized piece @ a time

writing more than a 140 is an impossible crime

the way thngs r going i wonder whts nxt

probably some other form of abbreviated txt

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