Google Ad Sense

Use Google Ad sense everyone says
it puts ads on your page and it pays
it crawls through your pages and only displays a relevant ad
so why on my site are all the ads pretty bad
about poems are the only ads on my homepage
with ads like these there’s no way i’ll make a wage
i want to attract people for humor and fun
not publishing poems you son of a gun
a different topic in almost every post
i don’t want Google using my site to sell poems the most
sell crap, sell fun, sell anything else for all i care
just keep those poem publishing ads out of my hair

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1 Response

  1. Canucklehead says:

    The simple words surrounded by a plethora of irony makes this poem a delight to read. Taken as a whole page, including both the ‘AdSense’ ads right beside it – and there, to the right and down a bit – yep, poem publishing ads. Good times!

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