I had sex with Blake Lively thanks to Tim Ferriss

This poem is dedicated to Tim Ferriss (@tferriss) for his inspiration.

Until last night I could just day dream about
getting one of the women on my list whom I can sleep without
causing problems with my girlfriend for messing around
but the list is of celebs that can never be found
until last night when I learned a trick
Tim Ferriss’s blog mentioned lucid dreams which are sick
you can be sort of conscious while asleep
and sleep around as much as you want without making a peep
what happens in your dreams stays in your dreams
and getting a celeb over there is easier than it seems
Last night I enjoyed company with Blake
Getting her in bed was a piece of cake
Some people would suggest going after an ex
but i prefer celebs and Jessica Biel you’re next

Tim Ferris is the Author of the Four Hour Work Week which I suggest that everybody read.

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