Life In The City


New York, they say is a hell of a town
It smells like a urinal and everyone frowns
People are in a rush to get nowhere
Pushing people out of their way without a single care
What’s good for me and good for my job!
It’s like the people’s lives that the city does rob
It sucks all the life out of every one of us
Working your ass off 365 days a year without a fuss
Your goal being to build your career
But failure to do exactly the right thing is what people fear
Make a lot of money so you can work harder
If you really think about it, it doesn’t even matter
You will never have time to spend all your money
Ironic or not its just plain funny
Some people work hard to get their business out of the red
Just trying to keep their families fed
Others put in 100 hour weeks to fill their pockets with the green
In most other cities this is almost never seen
My advice to the city is live while you can and open your eyes to what you just read
Because the man that dies with the most toys is still most positively dead

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