Love on Valentine’s Day


To the love of my life on Valentine’s Day

I’d like to sing your praise if I may

You worship the ground that I walk on

You make sure my worries are long gone

You raise me up when I am down

You make me turn around my frown

You give me hope when there is no other

And I forgive you for cheating with my brother

I know it was an accident and it won’t happen again

Not like the time I walked in on you and my buddy in the den

That happened a few times but I know people can change

And all you need is your priorities to arrange

But all in all being with you has been the best time of my life

And I don’t care that you happen to be someone else’s wife

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  1. Shimmer says:

    Nicely written poem…I hv written sm poems too…. Thnx for the e mail… 😉 keep in touch

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