I need to get some lunch but I don’t have the money

I starve every day and it’s not even funny

My mouth is watering every minute of the day

When I see someone else’s food, I would even eat the tray

There’s only so much free coffee I can drink

Sometimes it gets so bad, I’ll drink water right from the sink

My other choice is to buy junk food from a machine

But it all has more calories than you have ever seen

Bite size mega calories is the name I like to use

It’s amazing how they get that much fat into some kind of ooze

It’s a wonder how they have gone so far

It’s more of a mystery than how they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar

mmmmmmm…. Caramilk bar

Oh man I’m hungry I can’t take this anymore

I finish at 5:00 and it’s only a quarter to 4.

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