Making Money

Making money makes me sick

but really it’s the only thing that makes me tick

I live for my paycheck, my bonus and raise

i’ll pretty much do anything that pays

Truth be told, i’d rather not work

but then i’d be giving up all of my perks

the car, the house, the kids and the wife

cause you can’t hold onto anything without the tool that pays for life

its money, its green and can give you a high

but to tell you the truth it’s just a big lie

you don’t need money to do anything at all

But you can take my word for it or not, it’s your call

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  1. Brady says:

    LOL, nice! Time to think about sustainable living! Check out – it’s a magazine that I subscribe to but they have a lot of articles online for free.

    Worth checking out… maybe your next little ditty will be about growing carrots, but what rhymes with carrots?

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