It’s Not Rocket Science

Just make these tiny corrections and get it back to me

I want to see the final version in my email by 3.

I claim web design and programming takes a little time

But the boss says, “it doesn’t, not on my dime.”

There are just a few changes, enough with your defiance

Web design or whatever you’re doing is not “rocket science”

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3 Responses

  1. jj-momscashblog says:

    Hi, I just happened upon your blog and found it interesting. I like what you have to say… the rocket science one reminds me of a comment that was left on my blog once awhile back. It was in regards that where I was a newbie and having problems with WordPress, the commenter said “well it’s WordPress not rocket science” . If I knew who sent it we could introduce them to your boss. lol If you are a techi. and are into cps. come over to my blog, my present post is about trouble with links and wordpress lol Not kiddin… I need help. JJ I’ll be back ,,,also like your theme.

  2. Flid says:

    Thanks JJ. I find that too many people, not only my boss think that everything that they don’t understand is “not rocket science” and therefore easy to do in seconds flat.

  3. washwords says:

    hahahahaha! I love these. You are reminding me to add to my haiku collection…

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