Looking Over My Shoulder

Do you mind if I watch you work?

Sure, no problem at all boss (you stupid jerk)

What’s that over there and the other thing too?

It’s html, (that thing you supposedly pay me to do)

How did you just do that and make that all come about?

They’re called “shortcuts” (and you’re retarded without a doubt)

I don’t understand anything at all that you do

Well, I get the job done (and if you don’t leave now, I’m through)

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1 Response

  1. May Ledesma says:

    This is really funny… true though… 🙂 I got so pissed myself when the boss (who only knows the management side and never the technical side of the work) noses around me like he can understand what I’m doing. Then he wants me to waste my time explaining everything to him and at the same time expecting me to deliver the goods in time. Shucks!

    I love your poems… Great talent. I write poems as well, but I always maintain a serious tone with them, yours are great though, really uplifting!

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