Starting to Suck

A few years ago I discovered that I had a talent. I knew that I had to do something with this talent because not doing anything would be a complete waste. I was never able to figure out what to do with this talent until recently when I was looking through some old files on my computer and found a selection of sucky poetry I had written while procrastinating which is my talent by the way… the procrastinating, not the poetry… (read some of my stuff, you might agree). I decided that one of the ways I procrastinated was by writing sucky poems of all shapes and sizes and decided why not share them with the world and let people know it is ok to really suck at something. That’s when I decided to build this site. Of course this site is being built while procrastinating and not doing any of the real work I am supposed to be doing which by the way, pays my bills.

I guess this site is brought to you and sponsored by my company which will remain nameless since if I get caught, I’ll probably have to actually do some work.

Enjoy my poetry, enjoy other people’s poetry that I post on my site and most of all, enjoy writing your own sucky poems and send them my way at Who knows, you too can be a sucky poet.

If your poems suck, I’ll post them. If they really suck, I’ll think about it but if they really really suck, you may have more of a talent than I have.

Please, leave a comment, a poem, a note, anything at this point. You can also send me questions and suggestions to If you like it, come back and read some more. If you love it, send me a donation through paypal. You guys are this site’s only source of income. I am experimenting with other sources right now but it’s all up to you guys. The more money that comes in, the better the site can be. Help me, help you. Once again that’s to donate through paypal.

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