Stupid Paycheck

For a stupid paycheck, I sold my soul

putting in 100 hour weeks is my toll

I’d be so much better off outside of these walls

I feels it each time I take a walk in the halls

I need freedom and space and time to think

I need to get away because i’m starting to stink

i’d spend more time with my family and friends

and for all the lost time i will make amends

i’ll travel and golf and smell the flowers too

Oh there is a whole world of things I will do

I’ll eat right and excersize and shed some pounds

and then go out with friends and drink a few rounds

I’ll sleep in in the morning and go to sleep late at night

and never again have to put up with the get out of bed fight

But I better stop dreaming the boss is back

and I’m addicted to my paycheck like a guy addicted to crack

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