Survival of the Fittest & Natural Selection


Survival of the fittest and natural selection

Did Darwin think it would take us in the right direction?

With the smartest reproducing and the dumb dying out

We’d be a civilization of geniuses without a doubt

But all of a sudden we discover accurate birth control

And with this little pill, Darwin’s theory has a hole

Now educated people can focus on their careers

While the dumb population sits around on their rears

Who’s going to spend the time reproducing?

I’ll tell you that it won’t be the people who’s resumes they are sprucing

So no genius advanced society with flying cars

We’re becoming a society obsessed with stars

Stars like Britney Spears who is reproducing pretty quick

And teaching our young how to dance and dress, which is sick

I hope we change, oh I really do

Because if we don’t Britney will run for president too.

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