The Inspiration For My Poetry

i’ve been thinking of some really sucky poems to post

but people wonder if they are inspired by my life the most

Then I have to think twice about writing tons of stuff

like mommy and daddy not loving me enough

or the years i spent locked in a cellar

and how about the beatings, they were really stellar

I’m not sure where to draw the line with drugs

and I don’t want to write too much about hugs

so really i’m left with almost nothing to write

and my grey area is really tight

I really post based on my inspiration

but not on my life, based on the rest of the nation

in the news, in what i read

in blogs, movies and tv

the love, the hate, the stuff in between

from the octogenarian and even the teens

so i’m deciding right now that anything goes

and now you can watch this blog and see how it grows.

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