The Solution to Gas Prices

Gas is so flippin’ expensive I can’s afford to drive

I never thought it would reach this high, not while i was alive

but the price is set, people pay and there’s nothing we can do

except stop driving, buy fuel efficient cars and boycott the big boys too

I got an email about not buying from the biggest name in town

it said that if we boycott them the price will surely go down

opposed to just not buying gas one measly day each week

because that would give them a day off and then not change a thing

Now it’s a big debate to drill off shore or not

we’re killing our resources, or so we all were taught

maybe we should just come up with an alternate for fuel

Then we can fill our flux copasitators with trash and feel really cool

we can forget about driving  and all those traffic codes

because “Where we‘re going, we don’t need roads”

We’ll fly to the future and then back to the past

we’ll mess around with our timelines  but the fun won’t last

we’ll mess up the time continuum so that gas was never used

and we’ll all live happily ever after without that oil industry abuse.

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  1. David says:

    Nice one! 😀

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