Top Sucky Poems So Far

I know that some of the poems I write are really sucky but surprisingly, I have received a ton of positive feedback and requests for more of some of my less sucky poems. I have been very busy lately so I haven’t had the time to procrastinate and write more poems over the last little while but in the meanwhile, here is a list of the top sucky poems so far for your reading pleasure. If you ever forward or stumble any of my poems, this is the post that you should send.

  1. American Tie (parody of American Pie)
  2. Email (How many times can you check your email in a day)
  3. Wasted Time (inspired by a friend of mine who should get up off his chair and meet the world)
  4. True Love (written for a reader who requested a poem about how sucky love can be)
  5. Procrastination (Not sure why but a lot of people identify with this)
  6. New York City (this poem and the next one are inspired by things I see living in NYC)
  7. Life in the City (Also inspired by the City)
  8. I’ve Been Had (I tried to see how many words I can rhyme… until I got bored)
  9. We Want to Make Some Money (To the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. I decided one day last year that Iam going to be rich so I started reading everything about making money that I found. This song sums it all up. Now I’m busy working on a new online business that I think might just get me where I want to be. I’ll update my other site Get Lucky when I’ve launched.)
  10. Urinals (who hasn’t wondered about urinals and the unspoken rules of conduct?)
  11. Crazy Bitch ( I don’t remember what inspired me here but people liked it.)
  12. Sucky Poems in Motion (This is a video of me dancing on a cruise ship in Cancun, Mexico. It’s not a poem but for some strange reason, people like my moves.)

I hope you enjoy this list and encourage you to leave comments and stumble this page. When I get a lot of feedback from fans, it encourages me to write some more sucky poetry for you.

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