One of my readers requested a poem about how ugly love can be. As always, i like to take requests for poems so feel free to send me your requests. Either leave a comment or email me Here’s the poem and I wish you all the best Glo!

I said I loved her, she gave me a wink

Then some other guy grabbed her, he’s such a fink

She left me for some guy flashing his wallet in the air

It left me in shock, all I could do is stare

How could she leave me after the good times we shared

The dancing, the Champaign, and all of that flair

She was with me for my money, now I can tell

When the money ran out, she sent me to hell

How could she use me, I feel so abused

How did I let her, she seemed so amused

From now on I’ll be more careful not to choose just the lookers

I’ll try my hardest to stay far away from more hookers

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4 Responses

  1. tita glo says:

    wow very nicing you to made this poems for me

    thanking you a lots thanking you

  2. That is not love, that is business.

  3. Flid says:

    Love, business, same thing… you say tomato, I say tomato (just pronounce them differently when reading). One of my readers requested a poem about how ugly love can be and the first thing that came to mind when I thought of ugly love was “hookers”. The purpose of these poems is just for fun. I have fun writing them and I hope you have fun reading them.

  1. June 22, 2008

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