Just reposting this with some great pictures i took in a bathroom in Vegas.



A urinal is really a wonderful thing

It’s really a breeze when a leak do you spring

No seat or covers, paper or tissues

If you need it over there, you have some issues

But with great power comes great responsibility

There are rules to follow when you use the facility

Laws, a code that can’t be broken

A code so strong that it is never spoken

It’s something you’re born with, something so right

The main point is, it can never get too tight

Always leave a buffer between you and your friend

Just in case one of your heads happens to bend

That’s a situation that’s just not right

Especially if your friend experiences excite

If there is no buffer space on hand

Use a stall, hold it in or for g-d’s sake drip in your pants

Just remember to never break the unspoken rule

Because doing so is not a crime but it’s just plain cruel

Don’t ever compromise this little decree

Or you’ll find out the consequences just wait and see


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3 Responses

  1. ohhhhh this poem makes me long to have a penis, just so i can use an urinal. *Sighs*

  2. Leon says:

    I’ve seen these pics like a dozen times before. Still puts a smile on my face though.

  3. Flid says:

    i actually took these pictures when i was staying at the Las Vegas Hilton.

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