What a Prom

I remember my prom like it happened today

i went in style, i wouldn’t have it any other way

i got a stretched limo and a corsage for the girl

before going in, we took the limo for a whirl

I dressed in the fanciest Tux

It only cost me a couple hundred bucks

we danced, talked, laughed and spiked the punch

I had all my friends there and liked it a bunch

I was elected as king of the dance

it might have been because I looked so good in my flashy pants

oh wait, that wasn’t me

that was every prom movie i ever did see

I didn’t go to a prom and didn’t have that fun

but prom isn’t even that good anyway, right everyone?

Your limo is late and not as fancy as the ad

your corsage is half dead but that’s not even what’s so bad

you don’t have a date and you’re glued to the wall

when you finally get a dance, you happen to fall

the punch is really spike but you didn’t know

you get tipsy and let your ugly side show

You don’t win for king of the dance,

you want to be happy but just can’t

you rented a hotel room just in case

but at the end of the night, you don’t want to show your face

Just be happy prom is a one time thing

and you don’t have to deal with all this again until you pop the ring

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