What is a Penny Worth?


Is a penny worth anything anymore?

people don’t even bother to pick them up off the floor

They’re not worth the effort or the “luck”

because you need 100 of them just to get a buck

stores barely use the penny and hate to accept it

try paying in only pennies and they’ll throw a fit

especially a large purchase like jewelry or a car

try handing over a bag of pennies and they’ll make you see stars

they say it’s not worth the effort to count and roll

and taking it to the bank or using them is another toll

I think i’m going to take it upon myself

to destroy all pennies and put them on a shelf

I know it’s illegal to destroy legal tender

but i’ll get a thank you from every lender, spender and vendor

so about this, what is the government going to do?

I’m not sure but I know how I’m paying them when they decide to sue

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  1. chris says:

    ya know, i was actually thinking about something similar the other day. i doubt i’d put in the effort to pick up anything less than a quarter. and i doubt many others would either. perhaps this is why americans are so damn fat.

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